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Developing Secure Applications for the Cloud

Web 站点提速的最佳实践(Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site)

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5 ways to minimize the security risks of the cloud

ElasticSearch 5.3.3 和 5.4.1 发布

Username Enumeration Vulnerabilities

Using default security password

Use of NFS Considered Harmful

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Using Content Security Policy to Prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Oracle APEX 系列文章10:Oracle APEX Evangelion(EVA 补完计划)

REST Security with JWT using Java and Spring Security

利用Oracle RDA( Remote Diagnostic Agent)快速分类分类整理Oracle产品分析数据


Http-Only is not secure [testing]

ES doc_values的来源,field data——就说 doc->terms的正向索引啊,不过它是在查询阶段通过读取倒排索引loading segments装入 内存而得到的?