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              1. Personalized Vitamin
                Packs for Men

                The best Men's vitamins
                to be your best self.

                Personalized Vitamin
                Packs for Men

                Whether you need support for stress, sleep,
                fitness, or something else, there is a way to get
                the nutrients you need every day.

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                Shipping & Delivery

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                Daily packs are
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                Feel the benefits of Persona's daily
                vitamin packs for men.

                • Tailor-made vitamin mixture based on your
                  lifestyle and current research.
                • Convenient daily packs delivered
                  directly to your door.
                • Support from our on-staff nutritionists.
                • Control your program online or with the Persona app.
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                Get Your Life
                In Gear

                Fitness & Recovery

                Sleep & Energy

                Hair & Skin

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                Help is at Your Fingertips

                Our on-staff nutritionists are here to answer your questions.
                M-F, 6am-10pm PST. Sat-Sun 8am-5pm PST. For more help, take a look at our FAQ below.


                Don't see the answer to your question?

                Call, email, or chat with one of our nutritionists.

                Each person has a unique set of needs. Whether avid athlete or just starting out, fatigued or full of energy, healthy or on your way to healthy, or some other amazing mix in between, we can help direct you to a pack that fits those needs. Your new health journey starts by taking our online assessment. Our assessment takes you through questions about diet, exercise, and health concerns and gives you a list of supplement recommendations. You can customize yourself, or speak with one of our nutritionists to fully customize your packs.

                Persona is designed for you with your specific needs in mind. As the next generation of vitamin and nutrient home delivery, we utilize nutrient combinations that are unique to your body, lifestyle, and health habits. We even take into account your safety and remove or add supplements based on medications you take. Persona takes the guesswork out of the supplement aisle by aligning science, data, and technology to deliver personalized nutrients right to your door in convenient packs for daily consumption.

                Medications can not only interact with other medications, but also vitamins, minerals, and supplements. To lessen the chance of interaction, we make sure to eliminate all supplements that contain ingredients that might react adversely with your medication(s). This is why it's extremely important to include all medications you currently take. If one of your medications is not listed, please contact an agent for assistance.

                Our Foundational Multivitamin is unique because we utilize the active form of vitamins and minerals to provide a uniquely bioavailable supplement that includes methylfolate, methyl cobalamin, and vitamin K2. Our multi is cGMP Certified, tested for purity and perfectly balanced, providing therapeutic amounts of vitamins and minerals to support energy and overall health.

                A large percentage of both men and women have mutations in methylation pathways. This can affect your cells ability to produce ATP, the form of energy used by every cell in the body. People with these defects have trouble converting folate to methylfolate and producing adequate energy. We offer methylated folate to bypass the inability to convert and increase overall available energy for the body.

                We have support packs for prostate, hair skin & nails, fitness, cardiovascular support, joint health, and general health that will fit many men's needs. No matter what stage of life you are in, we can find a pack that suits you.

                Our Prostate Health Support protocol contains selenium, an essential component of antioxidants which has been shown to be beneficial for overall prostate health. Our Healthy Prostate Support supplement contains a blend of saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pumpkin seed, and lycopene to promote normal prostate function and urinary tract health.

                Each person is unique with a complex mix of existing conditions, stress, and body make-up. In general, you should see some improvements and changes within 90 days but as soon as 30 days.

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